2. Japanese Paper TENGU
  3. TENGU and Restoration
  4. Use Case: National Archives of Japan

I.Reinforcement of records and archives with tengu

1.Reinforcement of seriously damaged records

Our tengu is used for strengthening archives that are seriously damaged by things such as worm-eating and iron gall ink.  To prevent splitting, our thin and transparent tengu covers an entire record.  As you can see, our tengu is transparent enough to retain a high degree visibility.



2.Reinforcement of records by leafcasting and tengu

The National Archives of Japan uses our tengu to conserve records with a leafcasting machine.  They put damaged records between sheets of tengu.  Then set those in the leafcasting machine.  This process strengthens the damaged records and fills in the missing sections of paper.

Movie: Strengthening of damaged records with tengu at National archives of JAPAN



Case: National Archives of Japan Ⅱ Conservation with thin paper by hand(without leaf casting machine)