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Since the handmade Japanese Paper TENGU, our company has been dedicated to the production of washi paper, utilizing traditional raw material processing to meet the demands of the times. By meeting and resolving the ever-changing and demanding needs of our customers, we have been able to improve our own technical grade and develop new technologies, and we have grown into a small but distinctive paper manufacturer. We will continue to challenge new technologies and materials, and aim to be a company that can promise customer satisfaction.



Hiroyoshi Chinzei, Representative Director, Hidakawashi Co., Ltd.

Company Information
Company Information

Company Information

Founded April 1949
Officially established August 1987
Address 3486-1 Okina Hidakamura Takaokagun Kochi Prefecture 781-2152
TEL +81-889-24-7857 FAX +81-889-24-7858
Web site
What we do Kozo Washi production/sales


April 1949 Paper TENGU Export Cooperative established in Kochi City Asahi-machi
October 1967 Location moved to Hidaka Village Okina 215
April 1969 Papermaking machine installed at HidakiVilkge Okina 3486-1
August 1970 Second machine installed
October 1983 Invention/installation of dye processing machine
May 1986 Trade name changed to Hidakawashi
August 1987 Trade name changed to Hidakawashi Limited Corporation
December 1993 Remodel Raw Material Room, installation of Stainless Naginata Beater
August 1994 Remodel Dye Processing Machine, Initiate five-color spray-painted dying
June 1995 Installation of Stainless Holland Beater, Poacher
May 2007 Receive approval of management innovation plan from Kochi Prefecture
November 2007 Receive approval regarding "Original washi creation and market development employing new raw material processing methods" from Shikoku Economic Bureau
January 2009 Chosen for JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency)innovation program regarding the development of technology to remove resin from raw materials, a subject of research shared with Kochi Prefecture Paper Technology Center
February 2011 Together with Kochi prefecture, had a patent application on " Nonwood pulp paper and its method of manufacturing" to Patent Office
March 2012 Received The first prize of Technological Innovation from Shikoku Industry and Technology Promotion Center