TENGU Timeless

TENGU Timeless

Time, beyond time

TENGU Timeless is pre-coated with wheat starch paste so that the adhesive can be reactivated with water when needed, enabling the conservator to carry out the repair in less than half the usual repair time. Once shaped as required, only activation of the adhesive is needed.

TENGU Timeless
TENGU Timeless

Product features:

●Made of quality assured paper (Made of 100% Kozo fibres that are cultivated and prepared in Japan, cooked with sodium carbonate and dried on stainless steel.)
●No preparation or handling of adhesives necessary
●Coated with the optimal amount and strength of adhesive
●Ready to use with limited facilities, making it a valuable resource for emergency use
●The incredible wet strength of the paper is ideal for initial consolidation as it can be removed easily if required during treatment of items
●Assures reversibility of conserved items in the future.

Method :

Special Thanks

Antoinette Curtis氏

Special Thanks to Antoinette Curtis qualified as an archive conservator on the Society of Archivists’ Conservation Training Scheme in 1976, and spent a long and varied career in conservation with the Norfolk Record Office’s designated collection.
She was also an instructor for the Parchment Module for the Archives and Records Association Conservation Training Scheme. Now retired, she still has an active interest in archive conservation.