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We have been focused on the theme of "Washi" since our establishment 60 years ago.

Not just paper making, but "Washi". This passion can be clearly seen in our company name.

As of 2009, we have succeeded in producing the world’s thinnest paper, TENGU. In addition to being exceedingly then, it is also sufficiently strong for use in the restoration and conservation of cultural assets such as statues, sculptures and written records.

Recently, much attention has been paid to the fact that Japanese historical documents and paintings have much higher levels of preservation than in other counties.

One of our products, the Japanese Paper known as “tengu”, is the world’s thinnest paper and became internationally recognized for its suitability in the restoration and conservation of cultural properties.

Since the era of handmade Japanese Paper, we have concentrated on making washi by applying traditional skills and methods to meet the demands of the times. In order to meet and fulfill the customers' exact requirements, we have continuously upgraded and developed new technologies and skills, and by doing so we have distinguished ourselves as a small but distinctive paper-making company.