Not just paper making, but "Washi".
This passion can be clearly seen
in our company name.

The Japanese people have a sense of beauty in the changing seasons, and they express nature as it is with their unique sensibility. The Japanese people have an extremely sensitive aesthetic sense, and this philosophy is strongly inherited in arts and crafts and washi paper.


Hidakawashi began in 1949, when ten Tosa nongumi-gami makers living in Hidaka Village gathered together to establish the predecessor of the Export Nongumi-gami Cooperative Association.
The Tosa nortoncho paper, which was made by hand, was so thin that it was called "mayfly feather," and was highly acclaimed overseas. In 1969, after many years of research and effort, the handmade technique of handmade paper was developed into a memorable suspension-type short-net paper machine, the first machine of which was born at our factory.


The result of this desire to create a product that combines Japanese technology and aesthetics was the creation of Tengujo Paper, known as "the thinnest and strongest paper in the world.
We make "washi that will be left behind" with thought, not paper that will remain in vain. And it is our duty and mission to convey the excellence of washi to the world.



Tosa Tengujo Paper was first used as typewriter paper, but was also used for napkins, wrapping paper for precious stones, coffee filters, and lens cleaning paper. Most of the production was exported, and became known as ultimately thin paper under the name of "Tosa Stencil Paper."
The ash-boiled Tosa Tengujo Paper we produce is made by boiling and ripening kozo (paper mulberry) in a mildly alkaline solution called soda ash. The fibers are the strongest of all the different types of paper, depending on the method of processing the raw materials, and it is now used around the world as a necessity for the conservation and restoration of cultural properties.

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Something you will want to keep forever.
Our goal is to create such a paper.

The world's thinnest paper, Hidakawashi's Tosa Tengujo Paper, is one of the world's thinnest papers, and is used for a wide range of products.
Washi used for lanterns and lighting, Washi for wrapping important people, Washi for
We offer a wide range of products such as Japanese paper used for tablecloths and paper cutouts.